Men’s Cycling Jersey Evo Race Echelon Grey

Evo Race is our hi-performance jersey.
This jersey will be especially suitable for racing and training, and sure for coffee and cakes!

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Men’s Cycling Jersey Evo Race Echelon Grey

4CYCLISTS Men’s Cycling Jersey Evo Race Echelon Grey. It has exceptionally breathable lycra on the front. In addition, the back of the shirt is a very flexible, perforated lycra. Above all, It replicates the body shapes without an unnecessary compression effect. Therefore Italian pasta maker Lycra sleeves are with aerodynamic characteristics to make you ride like a pro. We use only YKK zippers as they have proven themselves as market-leading ones. This is an excellent shirt for the temperature range of +19°C (66°F) to +28°C (82°F).

We created an Echelon collection inspiring echelon formation, which is one of the most exciting to watch tactics in cycling to use side-wind for your good.

As we know how terrible it is to trash your new kit, we do have a crash replacement. However, if your kit is damaged in the first year of purchase time, send us an email with pictures. After that, we will give you a 50% discount on the regular price for the new kit in the same colour, model and size. Stay upright! Stay safe!

You should take a few extra precautions while washing your kit. We made some guidelines to improve the longevity of your cycling clothes. Check it out and extend your cycling kit life!


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