Crash Replacement and Warranty

Read our article about crash replacement and warranty to find out how you can protect yourself as a customer.

4CYCLISTS Crash Replacement and Warranty for cycling kits

Crashes that trash your new kit

Crashes happen. Some are very unlucky, but some always manage to stay upright or crash very softly. And, like the buttered toast phenomenon where buttered toast lands butter-side down, it’s a big chance to crash while wearing a new kit. Many cyclists never wear fresh kit on a race day. So do we. Wear it on the training, wash and then race.

4CYCLISTS Crash Replacement and Warranty for cyclists

50% discount

As we know how terrible is to trash your new kit, we do have a crash replacement. If your kit is damaged in the first year of purchase time, send us an email with pictures and we will give you a 50% discount of the regular price for the new kit in the same colour, model and size. Stay upright! Stay safe!

4CYCLISTS Crash Replacement Warranty-for cycling jerseys bib shorts


Defects happen. We won’t lie. About 1% of our made kits may have defects. If you see that some sewing isn’t as it should be, maybe the zipper is not working properly or feel that somethings wrong, and it happened in the first two years, let us know! It’s important to us that you have everything as it should be. Send us some pictures and we will decide can we repair or will send you a new kit.
Remember that these are cycling clothing and like all apparel, it wears out by the time.


Normally pad works for about 200 hours in the saddle. The more you wash it, the more you ride in bad weather, the heavier you are, it can wear out faster. If the pad is worn out, it’s not a warranty case. If it comes loose because some stitching wears out, it is a warranty case.


There is no limit for zipper opening times. It should last as long as the jersey, jacket or anything that has it, lasts. If no – it’s a warranty case. Like this below.



Stitching should last as long as fabric lasts. There are some tricky places like a pad, inseam, and sometimes pockets. If the inseam or pad stitching wears out, check if they are not damaged by the saddle. Especially if the wear is only in one place. In the picture below, it is normal wear for 100 hours ridden bib shorts.

warranty for cycling kits normal wear


The fabric should not tear up without any reason. In the picture, you see abrasion made wear on the fabric.

warranty for cycling kits abrassion

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