• 4Cyclists Zwift Cup

    4Cyclists Zwift Cup

    4Cyclists Zwift Cup We are happy to announce the 4Cyclists Zwift Cup! Let`s dive into the virtual cycling world, have fun and earn some valuable gifts in exchange for your sweat. New for the Zwift racing? Read Bike Radar article about Zwift racing! We team up with the Latvian Zwift Association to create a five-stage competition for …

  • Christmas gift card for cyclist 4Cyclists

    Best Christmas gifts for cyclists

    Best Christmas gifts for cyclists Christmas is almost here so it`s the last time to get some of the best Christmas gifts for cyclists. In this article, we will try to help you how to choose the right gift. And… If you`ll order it by the 14th of December and choose Express Shipping, there`s a …

  • Arvis Sprūde set World Ultra Cycling Association’s world record

    Individuāla dizaina velo forma no 4Cyclists

      Ieskats 4Cyclists vēsturē Mēs savu darbību uzsākām sešus gadus atpakaļ, kad pavisam neplānoti radās iespēja ražot savas veloformas. Tā kā mūsu dibinātājām Kārlim riteņbraukšana vienmēr bijusi sirdij tuva, šī iespēja tika izmantota. Pašos pirmssākumos sākām ar ļoti vienkāršām veloformām, jo šķita, ka pēc tām būs lielākais pieprasījums. Tā nolēmām, jo zinājām ar kāda līmeņa …

  • Dana Rožlapa custom design cycling kit from 4Cyclists

    4Cyclists custom design cycling kit

    4Cyclists custom design cycling kit Read 4Cyclists article about custom cycling clothing possibilities, minimum quantities and design options and requirements.   History of 4Cyclists custom cycling clothing 4Cyclists started as a custom cycling clothing company and the idea about our retail collection started only two years later when our clients asked for kits without designing …

  • Gravel weekend cycling event 2022 4cyclists feel free

    Gravel weekend 2022 July 8-10

    Gravel weekend 2022 July 8-10 Informācija par Gravel weekend latviski pieejama šeit   About Gravel Weekend Gravel Weekend 2022 is an updated version of Gravel&BBQ backyard party. We feel that gravel riding is something that we need to bring to the masses. To all who are tired of racing. You all are welcome from 8th …

  • why-cyclists-wear-black-bib-shorts-white-brown-splash-4cyclists

    Why cyclists wear black bib shorts?

    Why cyclists wear black bib shorts? Black bib shorts are the most popular amongst cyclists wardrobe of cycling apparel. We wanted to take a look at why it is so. Strange History Believe it or not, there was a time when cycling races required riders to exclusively wear black cycling shorts. In 1981, Castelli introduced a …

  • 4cyclists new blog cycling team clothing custom

    4Cyclists team shop

    4Cyclists team shop Custom design from 4Cyclists team shop 4Cyclists started as a cycling clothing company that offers custom-designed apparel for teams and clubs. That is deep in our roots. We love to see so many riders in our cycling apparel fighting for the best places on every race or just enjoying the slow ride after work. …

  • 4CYCLISTS_blog_sustainability_ride-with-no-trace_forest

    4Cyclists and sustainability

    4Cyclists and sustainability 4Cyclists want to ride with no trace on the planet and be caring for our employees and clients. What Is Sustainability? Sustainability focuses on meeting the present’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The concept of sustainability comprises three pillars: economic, environmental, and social – also …

  • 4Cyclists_blog_Product-Testers-Wanted_Free-kit_Jersey_bib-shorts

    4CYCLISTS product testers wanted

    4CYCLISTS product testers wanted 4Cyclists never stop developing. We work hard, to use new fabrics and innovative cuttings, to deliver you the best possible products. The finishing phase of the new jersey and bib shorts are close, that’s why 4CYCLISTS product testers wanted. We want you to test 4Cyclists cycling clothes not just in Europe, but …

  • 4CYCLISTS_Duties_Taxes_Shipping

    Duties, taxes and shipping

    Duties, taxes and shipping Duties, taxes and shipping can be hard to understand. We will explain how it works when you shop at 4Cyclists. When you ship something to another country, you or your customer may be asked to pay additional duties and taxes before the shipment is delivered. Products and taxes Governments tax shipments …

  • 4CYCLISTS_Coffee4Cyclists_cafe_Coffee_four_for_cycling

    Coffee 4Cyclists

    Coffee 4Cyclists Coffee 4Cyclists are specially made coffee by 4Cyclists crew to please their and our coffee-loving clients taste buds. Therefore, we went to visit our friends at Andrito Coffee roastery. They are true experts without a posh. We tried a lot of different origins, different blends, roasts and tastes. However, to keep things easy, …

  • 4CYCLIST_Overeating_during_holidays_Alise-Kindzule

    Overeating during the holidays

    Overeating during the holidays Overeating during the holidays is a problem for us all. Especially for those who are obsessed with power to weight ratio and are preparing for the next racing season. We are not specialists in nutrition. That`s why we ask for some suggestions from our beloved nutritionist Alise Kindzule. There is a …

  • Make someone's Christmas brighter and surprise them with 4CYCLISTS kit

    Make someone’s Christmas brighter

    Thank you for the applications, form is closed. Make someone’s Christmas brighter and surprise them with 4CYCLISTS kit This year isn’t easy for everyone. Some are losing jobs. Some have reduced salaries. Some can’t participate in sports activities. We all are out of our comfort zones. We are the cyclists, and we struggle too. We …

  • Guide For Cyclists How To Wash and Care Your Cycling Kit

    Guide For Cyclists – How To Wash and Care Your Cycling Kit

    Guide For Cyclists – how to wash and care your cycling kit There is no big difference if it`s a cycling kit, running gear, hiking apparel or other technical clothing. All of them can be expensive and very delicate. You should take a few extra precautions while washing your kit. We made some guidelines to …

  • 4CYCLISTS Crash Replacement and Warranty for cycling kits

    Crash Replacement and Warranty

    Crash Replacement and Warranty Read our article about crash replacement and warranty to find out how you can protect yourself as a customer. Crashes that trash your new kit Crashes happen. Some are very unlucky, but some always manage to stay upright or crash very softly. And, like the buttered toast phenomenon where buttered toast lands …

  • Guide For Cyclists – How To Choose The Right Bib Shorts

    How To Choose Right Bib Shorts If you are new to cycling, you are probably looking at other cyclists wondering why they are wearing those skin-tight lycra shorts. We all have been there! Even our founder Kārlis way before an idea for own cycling apparel was born, went for a cycling trip in football shorts for …

  • Guide For Cyclists – How To Choose The Right Jersey

    Guide For Cyclists – How To Choose The Right Jersey

    How To Choose Right Jersey If you are new to cycling, you are probably wearing t-shirts when riding. It is not a simple task to choose the right first jersey, whether it is for a Sunday ride with friends or competition with experienced rivals.  Or, if you are already cycling for some time, you are …

  • COLOR US and win free cycling jersey

    UPDATED: Survey CLOSED Win free cycling jersey Winners announced on Instagram on the 16th of October 2020.   We need your opinion! We are on the way to make new color schemes for our most popular jersey design – PRIME and we want you to join us. Please devote a few minutes and fulfill our survey …

  • How to become a 4CYCLISTS Ambassador

    How to become a 4CYCLISTS Ambassador As a 4CYCLISTS Ambassador, you will be representing the 4CYCLISTS brand on your platforms. What you get You will be given a 15% (storewide) DISCOUNT code. This code is for you to share with all your friends and followers. The personalized code is what you will promote on your …

  • 4CYCLISTS version of iconic Windows XP wallpaper

    4CYCLISTS version of iconic Windows XP wallpaper Search for link bellow to download 4CYCLISTS iconic Windows wallpaper. About most popular Win XP wallpaper Bliss is the default computer wallpaper of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. It is a virtually unedited photograph of a green hill and blue sky with clouds in the Los Carneros American …

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