Design your own jersey.

Custom orders for teams and individual cyclists
Didn’t find what you were looking for in our store? You can order individual design cycling wear without any order limit. We offer different price ranges, no minimum quantities and the ability to combine kits – the perfect solution for teams. Contact us for more information about products range, individual designs and the ability to combine kits:

4Cyclists is based in Europe – Riga. We are developing cycling apparel and always working on improvements. We offer our brand design or you can design your own kit or ask for help from our designer. All apparel is tailored in our office from start to finish. What about materials? We use only in Europe developed fabrics textile: from Italy, Spain and Switzerland. The production time is 6 weeks. ┬áIf you have any questions not only about the products but also the manufacturing process, contact us.

Satisfaction with our products
Whether you are a cycling team or individual passionated cyclist, we have a solution. 4Cyclists is developed by cyclists for cyclists, that`s why all apparel is made to feel you comfortable while you wear it. Riders are pleased with 4Cyclists apparel! Latvian National cycling team riders including Toms Skoinsh, Krists Neilands, Emils Liepins, Martins Blums and others are wearing our designed kits. 7 of TOP10 local MTB Marathon teams and TOP2 local road teams are wearing 4Cyclists apparel. Also, many other individual athletes are happy with their own designed kits.

Feel your style, design your style, wear your style!

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